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Linear Motors

Linear Motors P01-23

Stators PS01-23x80

Stators PS01-23x80 HP

Stators PS01-23x160

Stators PS01-23x160 HP

Sliders PL01-12

Sliders PL01-12 HP

Sliders PL01-12 HP hollow

Sliders PL02-12 heavy duty

Sliders PL02-12 HP heavy duty

Flanges PF0x-23

Slider mounting PL01-12

Linear Motors P01-37

Stators PS01-37x60 HP

Stators PS01-37x120

Stators PS01-37x120 HP

Stators PS01-37x240

Sliders PL01-20

Sliders PL01-20 HP

Sliders PL01-20 HP hollow

Sliders PL01-19 (1.4404)

Sliders PL02-20 heavy duty

Sliders PL02-20 HP heavy duty

Flanges PF0x-37

Slider mounting PL01-19 & 20

Linear Motors P01-48

Stators PS01-48x150 HP

Stators PS01-48x210

Stators PS01-48x240

Stators PS01-48x240-HP

Stators PS01-48x360

Stators PS01-48x360-HP

Stators PS01-48-M01

Sliders PL01-28

Sliders PL01-28 hollow

Sliders PL01-28 HP

Sliders PL01-27 (1.4404)

Sliders PL02-28 heavy duty

Flanges PF0x-48

Slider mounting PL01-27 & 28

Linear Motors P10-54

Stators PS10-54x120

Stators PS10-54x180

Stators PS10-54x240

Stators PS10-54x300

Flanges PF10-54

Linear Motors P10-70

Stators PS10-70x80

Stators PS10-70x160

Stators PS10-70x240

Stators PS10-70x320

Stators PS10-70x400

Sliders PL10-28

Flanges PF10-70

Linear Motors Stainless steel

Linear Motors SSCP P01-23

Linear Motors SSC P01-37

Linear Motors SSCP P01-37

Linear Motors SSCP P01-48

Linear Motors SSC P01-48

Linear Motors SSC P10-70

Linear Motors ATEX

Stators PS01-48 ATEX

Linear Motors Accessories

Bearing PB01-37

Bearing PB01-48

Bearing PB13-70

Bearing PB10-54

Bearing PB10-70

External position sensor




Linear Rotary Motors

Linear Rotary Motors PR01-52

Linear Rotary Motors PR01-52 geared

Linear Rotary Motors PR01-84

Linear Rotary Motors PR01-70

Linear Rotary Motors PR01-84 geared

Linear Rotary Motors PR02-38

Linear Rotary Motors PR02-52

Linear Rotary Motors PR02-70

Linear Rotary Motors PR02-88

Linear Rotary Motors PR04-52

Linear Rotary Motors Accessories

Linear Modules & Guides

Linear Modules DM03

Linear Modules DM03-23

DM03-23x80 MagSpring

DM03-23x160 MagSpring

Linear Modules DM03-37

DM03-37x120 MagSpring & Position Sensor

DM03-37x120 MagSpring

Linear Modules DM03-48

Linear Modules DM03-48x150

DM03-48x150 MagSpring & Position sensor

DM03-48x150 MagSpring

Linear Modules DM03-48x240

DM03-48x240 MagSpring & Position sensor

DM03-48x240 MagSpring

Linear Modules DM01

Linear Modules DM01-23

DM01-23 Standard

DM01-23 MagSpring

DM01-23 Cleanroom

Linear Modules DM01-37

DM01-37 Standard

DM01-37 Cleanroom & Safety

DM01-37 Position Sensor

DM01-37 MagSpring

DM01-37 MagSpring & Safety

DM01-37 MagSpring & Position Sensor & Safety

DM01-37 MagSpring & Position sensor

DM01-37 Safety

DM01-37 Position sensor & Safety

DM01-37 Cleanroom

Force Sensors for DM Linear Modules

Pillar system for DM Linear Modules

Linear Modules DM01-48

Linear Modules DM01-48x150

DM01-48x150 Brake & Safety

DM01-48x150 MagSpring & Safety

DM01-48x150 Safety

DM01-48x150 Brake

DM01-48x150 MagSpring

DM01-48x150 Cleanroom & Safety

DM01-48x150 MagSpring & Brake

DM01-48x150 Cleanroom

DM01-48x150 MagSpring & Brake & Safety

DM01-48x150 Standard

Linear Modules DM01-48x240

DM01-48x240 MagSpring

DM01-48x240 MagSpring & Brake

DM01-48x240 Safety

DM01-48x240 Cleanroom & Safety

DM01-48x240 Brake & Safety

DM01-48x240 MagSpring & Safety

DM01-48x240 Brake

DM01-48x240 MagSpring & Brake & Safety

DM01-48x240 Cleanroom

DM01-48x240 Standard

Linear Modules EM/FM

Linear Modules FM01-37

Modules FM01-37Sx60-HP-N

Modules FM01-37Sx120F-HP-N

Linear Modules FM01-48

Modules FM01-48x150G-HP-C

Modules FM01-48x240F-HP-C

Modules FM01-48x360F-HP-C

Linear Modules EM01-37

Modules EM01-37Sx60-HP-R

Modules EM01-37Sx120F-HP-R

Linear Modules EM01-48

Modules EM01-48x150G-HP-C

Modules EM01-48x240F-HP-C

Linear Modules EM/FM

Linear Modules FM01-48-2S

Modules FM01-48x150G-HP-C

Modules FM01-48x240F-HP-C

Linear Modules EM01-48-2S

Modules EM01-48x150G-HP-C-2S

Modules EM01-48x240F-HP-C-2S

Linear Modules EM/FM accessories

Trailing chains kit for Modules

Trailing chains kit for EM01-37 and EM01-48

Trailing chains kit for cross table EM01-37

Trailing chains kit for FM01-37

Trailing chains kit for FM01-48

Adapters for EM01/FM01

External position sensor for EM01/FM01

External absolut position sensor and magnetic strip



External incremental position sensor and magnetic strip

Pneumatic holding brake for FM01-37

Pneumatic holding brake for FM01-48

Linear Modules P04

Linear Modules P04-37

Linear Modules P04-48

Linear Modules Stainless Steel SM

Linear Modules SM01-37-SSCP

Linear Modules SM01-48-SSCP

Linear Modules SM02-37-SSCP

Linear Modules SM02-48-SSCP

Pillar system for SM01 Linear Modules

Linear Guides Stainless Steel H01

Linear Guides H01-37-SSC

Linear Guides H01-48-SSC

Linear Guides & Modules Accessories

Linear Guides H

Linear Guides H01-23

Linear Guides H01-37

Linear Guides H01-48

Linear Guides H10-70

Linear Guides B

Linear Guides B01-37

Linear Guides B01-48


Gripper GM01-23


Linear Motors with Drives

Servo Drives

Drives for Motors P0x & PR0x

Series A1100

Series C1100-0S

Series C1100-1S

Series C1200-0S

Series C1200-0S-CAL

Series C1200-1S

Series C1200-1S-CAL

Series C1200-2S

Series C1200-2S-CAL

Series E1100

Series E1200

Series B1100

Drives for Motors P10

Series C1400

Series E1400

Servo Drives Accessories

Rotary motors

Rotary motors

Drive connector

Config & RJ45 cables

Power supplies

Chopper resistor

EMC filters

Control boxes

Technology Functions

Motor Cables

Motor Cables for P0x & PR0x

Motor cables with C connector

Standard cables with C connector

Trainiling chain cables with C connector

Robot cables with C connector

Motor cables with C-SSC connector

Trailing chain cables with C-SSC connector

Standard cables with C-SSC connector

Robot cables with C-SSC connector

Standard cable with D connector

Standard cables with D connector

Trailing chain cables with D connector

Robot cables with D connector

Motor cables with F connector

Standard cables with D15 connector

Flat cables with F connector

Trailing chain cables with D15 connector

Motor cables with K connector

Trailing chain cables with K connector

Robot cables with K connector

Motor cables with N connector

Trailing chain cables with N connector

Robot cables with N connector

Motor cables with P connector

Standard cables with P connector

Trailing chain cables with P connector

Robot cables with P connector

Motor cables with R connector

Standard cables with R connector

Trailing chain cables with R connector

Robot cables with R connector

Motor cables with R-SSC connector

Trailing chain cables with R-SSC connector

Standard cables with R-SSC connector

Robot cables with R-SSC connector

Motor cables per m

Single Connectors

Assembled Connectors

Trailing chain cables with E-EX connector

Motor cables for P10 motors

Encoder cables for P10-70-…-D0x

Encoder cables for P10

Encoder cables for P10-54-…-D0x

Power cables for P10-54

Encoder cables for P10-70

Power cables for P10-70

Motor cables per m

Connectors for P10 Motors

Magnetic Springs

MagSpring stators MS01-20

MagSpring stators MS01-37

MagSpring stators MS01-40 SSC

MagSpring sliders ML01-12

MagSpring Accessories


Data Books


Application notes

Data Book Extracts

Data Books Drives

Data Books Motors

Data Books Accessories

Installation Guides

Installations Guides Drives

Installations Guides Motors

Installations Guides Accessories

Software Manuals

LinMot Designer

Device Description Files

EPlan Macros

Drive SW Manuals

LinMot Talk




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