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EPlan Macros

Article no.: 0185-1163   

Linear Motors   Linear Rotary Motors
P01-23   PR01-52
P01-37   PR01-84
ATEX-Stators   Rotary Motors
SSC-Stators   EC02 Serie
Drive Series   Drive Accessories
A1100   Transformer power supplies
B1100   Switched power supplies
C1100   Regeneration resistors
E1100   DC-link capacitor
E1200   Drive connectors
E1400   Line filters
    External position sensors
Motor Cables
For all listed motors and drives



For several products / article numbers the same macro file is used. For these cases, the macro file contains a value selection to link the right article number.

All necessary product data can be imported into the product data base.

In general, all available LinMot macro files are included in this ZIP file.

The article has been added to the shopping list.
The article has been added to the shopping list.

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Name Version Type Size
EPlan Macros 1V0 ZIP 15.37M

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